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How to Know if You Need Norman Roof Repairs

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Roof Repairs in Jones, OK

Taking care of your Norman roof repairs is an important step towards putting off needing a new roof. While no homeowner likes to have to part with their hard earned money to take care of home maintenance there are times when it is unavoidable. One thing to remember is that if the damage could have been caused by a recent storm or other instances possibly covered by your insurance then you may not even have any out of pocket expenses.

One common problem we come across at Storm Shield Roofing is a homeowner who has needed repairs on their roofing for a long time but never realized it. The average person assumes they will know if they need repairs because they think it will be obvious like a large visible hole with light coming through. The reality is that you can have damage without even knowing it or being able to see.

Signs Your Roof is in Need of Repair

We cannot stress enough the importance of having a professional Norman roof inspection any time you may suspect you need one. This is especially important following any major storm event because there is a limited amount of time to file an insurance claim. But these are signs that even someone with training could spot and know they need to immediately call their trusted pro for a full inspection and repairs:

  • Leaks – Obvious leaks are problematic because they are already causing damage to the roof and possibly the interior of the home. Not to mention moisture over time can lead to serious mold problems.
  • Holes – if you can see any size hole where you can see light coming through this needs to be addressed right away. This will only get worse over time and it won’t take much time to become a big problem.
  • Sagging – This is usually an indication that it is time for a new roof and should be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Rodent activity – Even if you cannot see damage that has been caused, if you find rodents present in your attic or, like bats, living on the roofing you need to call a professional. You will need to deal with the rodents as well as possible related damages.

Make the Right Call

In order to keep your roofing protected you need to know who to call on. At Storm Shield Roofing we have been taking care of local residents and their roof repairs in Norman since 2004. The bottom line is that as a locally owned and operated company we care about our customers wellbeing because they are also our friends, neighbors and fellow community members.

If you are looking for roof repair services in Norman, then please call 888-503-8481 or complete our online request form.

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