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Storm Damage – How to Know When it is Time to Call in Your Oklahoma City Roofer

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Your home is your biggest and most important aspect and the roof is what has the tough job of trying to keep it protected. Your rooftop is your first line of defense from the elements. It safeguards, not only your home, but the people and property inside.

While there are plenty of factors that pose a threat to your rooftop, weather related activity is high on the list. Hail, lighting, tornadoes, even tree branches falling as a result of storm activity – all components that put your roof at risk of damage. When your area suffers severe weather, it is important to know how to act accordingly, in the aftermath, to keep your roofing in tact.

Spotting Signs of Trouble

First and foremost, never put yourself in danger. Avoid any situations involving electrical lines, especially in the presence of water. Also, if any part of your structure may be compromised, it is better to evacuate the premises and let the pros handle the job.
Check for signs of disrepair from the ground. If you can spot missing shingles, elements of the roofing system like an exhaust pipe or can see damage, there is no need to conduct any further assessment. Make the call and just wait for an industry expert to arrive.

While on the outside, also look for signs of damage from trees or fallen branches. Some is easier to visually detect than others so, when in doubt, go ahead and call in a professional.

Look for obvious leaks or signs of water damage. This includes discovering water stains on your walls or ceiling.

If you are unsure if hail struck your home, look for telltale signs of it in your siding. If you see the signature dimple impressions hail stones generally leave, it is safe to assume your roof was exposed, as well. Any time your roof comes in contact with hail, it is vital that you have it inspected.

Keep in mind, even if you don’t see obvious signs of trouble, make it a point to let an expert take a look anyway.

Make the Smart Call

When in doubt, it is always a good idea to call in a professional Oklahoma City roofer. This is where the team here at Storm Shield Roofing, Inc. comes into the picture.

We take this line of work seriously, and it shows in the results that we are able to deliver for each of our clients. Storm damage assessment and roof repairs is a very serious matter, so make it a point not to entrust just anyone to handle this task for you.

If you are looking for an Oklahoma City roofing expert then please call 888-503-8481 or complete our online request form.

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