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Edmond Emergency Roof Repairs – What You Should Know

Emergency Roof Repairs in Spencer, OK

No one ever wants to have to deal with the need for Edmond emergency roof repairs but at some point in your life, or the life of your home, you may have to. As a homeowner, your rooftop is what protects your house as well as everything and everyone inside of it. So what happens if a tree fell on your rooftop in the middle of the night?

Or what if a hail storm moved through and did major damage? Would you know how to handle this type of problem? Probably the most important thing to take care of prior to something like this happening is to establish a working relationship with a trusted local roofing contractor. That way when something does happen you know exactly who to call.

FAQs About Roofing Repairs

1. What Qualifies as an Emergency?

If your untrained eye can even spot a problem then you know it is an emergency. Otherwise, after any potential serious threat to your roofing you should have a professional roof inspection. People always think they will be able to see holes or damage. Truth is hail can cause major roof damage without making a single hole.

2. What Situations Require Emergency Repair?

Basically, the answer to this is any fire, weather or animal event that has compromised the roofing system. Even just high winds can tear away or lift shingles. In order to know for sure if you need emergency roof repairs you need to rely on a professional contractor to inspect the roofing.

3. What Should a Homeowner Do in This Situation?

The most important thing to do is not to panic; panicking will not help the situation and could even make it worse. If need be call emergency crews such as the fire department, when applicable. Once everyone is in a safe situation outside the home (if necessary) then it is time to contact your insurance company. Finally, let your reliable Edmond roofing contractor come in for an inspection and to being the repairs or re-roofing process.

Be a Smart Homeowner

A smart homeowner makes good choices such as getting proper insurance coverage and having a trusted roofing contractor already on speed dial. This will help you to be prepared should something happen to your roofing. At Storm Shield Roofing we have been the name to trust since 2004.

Our focus is to make sure you and your family are safe at all times. Which includes taking the best care when moving forward with your Edmond emergency roof repairs. Don’t wait for disaster to strike; contact us today so we can show you in person what makes us the name to trust in.

If you are looking for emergency roof repairs in Edmond, then please call 888-503-8481 or complete our online request form.


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