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Oklahoma City Roofing InspectionsThere is no way to emphasize the importance of getting a professional Oklahoma City roofing inspection enough. Far too often when the need arises for a situation where an inspection should take place people either look at the rooftop themselves or skip it altogether. Unless you are a trained and experienced Oklahoma City Roofer , like Storm Shield Roofing, this is not the type of task you should take on as a DIY project.

Your roof is a major investment. It also happens to be the most important feature of your house. So why not treat it with the care and concern it deserves. And there are plenty of instances when a roof inspection is required or should happen.

Obviously if you are planning on buying a new home or selling the one you are in. Many home sellers wait assuming a potential buyer will get the roof checked during a home inspection. But is that really the moment you want to find out the roofing is in major need of costly repairs?

Roof Inspection

There are plenty of other reasons to get a professional roof inspection in Oklahoma City. One of the most common service calls we get is for inspections following any severe weather events. Some people assume they tell if there is damage from hail by looking for holes. But hail often does enough structural damage without causing any holes.

After a storm you have a limited amount of time to file and insurance claim. So if you assume nothing is wrong and then find out six months later there is storm related damage, you are not likely going to be able to file a claim. This is why you should also let our pros at Storm Shield Roofing take care of this type of service for you.

Oklahoma City Roofing Inspections

Another reason to consider getting a Oklahoma City roofing inspection is to follow up after another contractor has done work on your rooftop. There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion and making sure the work was completed in a proper manner. Without this type of inspection you may have just paid for a new roof that is going to give you nothing but trouble from day one.

Roof Repair in Oklahoma City

The great news is that, if following a checkup, we notice any problems we can take care of them. At Storm Shield Roofing we are as well known for our Oklahoma City roof repair as we are the inspections. When it comes to caring for your rooftop no one takes care of this type of work like our team. Contact us today to set up your roofing inspection or other related services in Oklahoma City.

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